Biniray Festival

Bulalacao | June 29

Brought in by the early settlers who came from the Island of Panay, this festival is done in honor of the town's patron saints, Peter and Paul, and is a way of thanksgiving for the blessings from the sea. The celebration starts in the early hours of the morning with a flotilla of intricately-decorated boats that will encircle Bulalacao bay and, landing onshore after, will be met by the townsfolk. Marching will continue on the streets with the icons of the two saints greeted in religious manners by the devotees. A procession is done later at twilight and, ending at the church-ground, the traditional putong (crowning) of the patrons complete the final rituals amidst songs and dances by children and adults alike. Street dancing is also staged during the day, participated in mostly by students in indigenous costumes.