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Pandang Gitab Oriental Mindoro, The Festival Of Lights

Oriental Mindoro | April 30

Pandang Gitab Oriental Mindoro, the Festival of Lights is the official festival of the Province of Oriental Mindoro. Pandang Gitab is a street dancing thanksgiving festival coined from the words “fandango” which is a lively Spanish dance and “dagitab” which is derived from the small flickering light of gas/oil lamps with wick or “tinghoy” or small candles inside a glass. Embracing our very own traditions, culture and the arts, and the characteristics of the Province of Oriental Mindoro, Pandang Gitab is celebrated with the accompaniment of an original music composed by an Oriental Mindoreño using instruments found in the province. With costumes and props of the contingents inspired by the flora and fauna found in Mt. Halcon, the new Pandang Gitab adapts modernization and innovation through the use of modern and battery-operated lights.

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